Tourism in Turkey, the land of beauty and perfection

In these interesting lines, we will talk about the star of tourism and its beacon Turkey and what are the elements that make it the first destination in the world for the purpose of tourism and what are the most important and wonderful areas that are worth visiting and the most famous types of tourism that exist and the most important dishes and sweets that it is famous for.
We often hear “the paradise of the earth Turkey”, and this saying sums up a land characterized by a beautiful aesthetic charm, landscapes that resemble our fantasy, and a multi-colored atmosphere that spreads joy, happiness and pleasure to those who come to it at different times from summer, spring, and even winter, as each season has its own distinctiveness.
In Turkey, no matter what we talk about, there are countless and countless ingredients, including:
• The multiplicity of geographical areas and the diversity of their topography, including forests, mountains, seas, rivers, valleys, caves and green meadows.
• The archaeological sites that evoke memories of the past with their grandeur, grandeur, splendor, design and charming construction, which represents the majority of civilizations with their cultures, diversity and creativity. In addition to the places and modern buildings designed according to the greatest modern innovations and the most creative architectural designs.
• Not to impose a visa on most countries of the world, in addition to the easy, accessible and electronic procedures for countries that require a visa for tourism, and this is being developed continuously to provide comfort and distance from complications for those who wish to travel.
• We will not forget the existence of a sophisticated and modern infrastructure and integrated technology aimed at serving tourists and providing everything they need during their tour.
• It is also an ingredient that the tourist will not face any problem because of the different language, because most of the tourist places have people who speak multiple languages ​​and we will not forget to mention that there are hundreds of tourism companies that facilitate and take care of the matters of tourists from their arrival until their departure.
• The Turkish state has worked to provide modern, diverse and easy means of transportation to provide comfort, ease and splendor of transportation for incoming tourists, with the provision of many services.
The most important component is that Turkey is a safe country and the state and the people always cooperate to serve the tourists and provide all the help they need, in addition to allocating specialized security teams spread in various tourist places and always serving the tourists and providing facilities and services for them 24 hours a day and their immediate presence in emergency situations, God forbid.

And as an important question, what are the coolest and most important areas to visit?

• Istanbul is a beauty star.
Tourism in Istanbul has its own fun, as it varies in its fascinating beauty, from natural and recreational places to archaeological sites, as it combines several civilizations from the Roman to the Ottoman.
On the Asian side, we find the Girl’s Tower, which has a distinctive character, and the great Haydarpasa Station, in addition to the Brides Hill and Bostanci Park.
In the Sultanahmet area, there is the Great Mosque of Hagia Sophia, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the Topkapi Palace Museum.
And in the Ortakoy area, the Çirgan Palace and many large commercial markets, restaurants and cafes.
It is necessary to mention the gardens of Istanbul, such as Yıldız Park, Emerjan and Ataturk Park.
And the wonderful beaches of Istanbul, such as the Sun Beach and Florya Beach.
And Camlıca Tower and many family tourist places such as the water park.

• Antalya is a city of comfort and picturesque nature.
It is characterized by its geographical location on the Mediterranean Sea, with its charming beaches, diverse natural scenes, purity and freshness of water, and its most important beaches are Konyaalti, Olympos, Lara and its waterfall, which gives psychological comfort, such as the Kursunlu Falls, Mana Vagat and Silla Dudan.
We will not forget to mention the ancient city with its ancient monuments, as well as Antalya Aquarium, the largest European basin, Koprulu Valley with its diverse wild animals, ancient Roman sites, and last but not least, Saklinket and Davras Ski Resort. And many, many places.

• Charming bursa.
Its enchanting beauty takes you to another world and has many wonderful places such as:
Cultural Park - Botanic Park - Saeedabad Waterfall, Korekli and Eilat - Alopat Lake and Koch Janat - Luna Park Bursa Theme Park - Podium Park - Village Eight - Golyaz Village - Uludag Mountain - and the historical tree.

There are many other cities that need books to talk about and the most important other tourist cities:
• Marmaris with its water park, Ichmler Beach and Marmaris Castle.
• Samsun, in the Birds' Paradise, Tekka Koy Caves, and Samsun Cable Car.
• Bodrum, Fink Beach, Museum of Marine Archeology and Bodrum Amphitheater.
• And Trabzon.
• Mersin, its coast, and the Tarsus area, which includes the cave of the Companions of the Cave and the Ilisu Waterfall.
• Yalova in Termal Village, Armutlu City and Çınarcık Resort.

The most prominent types of tourism available in Turkey:
Medical tourism: for the purpose of treatment of diseases.
Cave tourism: It specializes in visiting caves due to its beauty and splendor.
Mountaineering tourism: for amateurs and professionals.
Religious tourism: to visit various religious tourist places.
Recreational tourism: for the purpose of amusement and entertainment.
Winter tourism: to enjoy the snow and ride the cable car.

It remains to be acquainted with the most prominent dishes that Turkey is famous for, namely:
Turkish Kofta - Simit - Tantuni - Potter Jar Kibbeh - Meat Bajin - Grape Leaves - Iskender Kebab - Turkish Shawarma.
And sweets:
Rahat Delights - Trilecha Sweets - Tulumba Sweets - Turkish Baklava

Turkey is a wonderful country and its people are hospitable and kind. They love to help others, and tourism is an experience worth trying, and it is a place where everything you dream of from wonderful weather, picturesque nature, diverse tourist places, many places of residence, competitive prices, multiple services, modern technology, and most importantly, the availability of security on a permanent basis.

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