konya , Turkey



1 day



  • Mevlana Museum
  • Alaaddin Mosque & Ruins of Palace
  • Karatay Madarasah & Museum
  • Old Bazaar
  • Aziziye Mosque
  • Sahipata Museum and Complex
  • Sille Village


  • Seconds

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For Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the main reason to come to Konya is to visit the Mevlâna Museum, the former lodge of the whirling dervishes and home to the tomb of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi who lived in 13th century. This is the biggest Sufi centre in Turkey, and the building's fluted dome of turquoise tiles is one of Turkey's most distinctive sights.

The Alaeddin Mosque is one of the oldest mosque in Turkey, constructed by the Seljuk Sultans of Rum between 1116-1220. Alaeddin Mosque has some interesting architectural features ,such as cotumns of different sizes and from earlier periods. Seljuk Palace was built during the reign of Sultan Kılıçarslan II (1156-1192).

Karatay Madrasah was built in 1252 in the Seljuk period. It served as a theological school , it now houses many beautiful historical tiles.

Old bazaar is a sprawling, colourful and bustling bazaar which is just right for wandering, exploring and maybe finding a treasure to take home.

Aziziye Mosque was originally built in the 17th century but was restored 200 years later, after it was destroyed by fire. This late renovation resulted in the mosque being reconstructed in an unusual baroque and Rococo style which contrasts sharply with other mosques.

Sahip Ata is a complex of buildings that consist of mosque, tomb, dervishes lodge, double bath, fountain and shops. It was built in 1258. In the museum there are manuscripts, wooden artifacts, metal works, carpets and kilim works belonging to Anatolian Seljuks, Beyliks, Ottoman and Republican Era, as well as sacred relics such as Sakal-i Sharif and Kaaba coverings.

Sille village dates back to 8th-7th century BC. It is an old Roman village. It is one of the early Christians' residence with its rock carved churces. Hagia Eleni church Helena the mother of Byzantine Emperor Constantine stopped in Sille during her journey to Jarussalem for pilgrimage ,saw the engraved temples and constructed this church.

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