Black Sea Highlands and Batumi Tour

Black Sea , Turkey



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4 Nights Hotel Accommodation

Amasya - Ordu - Trabzon - Rize - Samsun - Sinop - Batumi


• 4 nights accommodation in hotels • Open buffet 4 morning breakfasts in hotels • Open buffet or set menu 4 dinners in hotels • Transportation by luxury vehicles (Vehicle is given according to the number of people.) • Sightseeing tours specified in the program • Batumi Tour • Professional guidance service • In-car glass of water • Dinar assurance • Compulsory Travel Insurance according to the Tourism Law No. 1618  
• Breakfast on the first day specified in the program • Dinner on the last day specified in the program • Drinks taken at all meals • Lunches • International departure fee (for Batumi tour) • Ordu Boztepe cable car fee • Zilkale – Palovit Waterfall Tour • Storm Creek Rafting • Storm Creek Zipline • Lustra – Karester Plateau Tour • Huser Plateau • Borcka Karagol Tour • Mençuna Waterfall Tour • Sinop Boat Tour • All organizations specified as extra • All Personal expenses • Museum and Ruins entrance fees (Valid for municipalities and private businesses.) • Museum Card (valid for museums affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.)

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Tour Plan

Night Journey.

Amasya – Ferhat and Şirin – Amasya Archeology Museum – Yeşilırmak – King Rock Tombs – Şehzadeler Park – Ordu – Boztepe – Trabzon – Hagia Sophia – Zigana
After our night journey, we arrive in Amasya, our first stop for the Black Sea Tour with Dinar, and start the day with a breakfast break. Later, in the story of Ferhat and Şirin, whose love is legendary, we will see the water channels that Ferhat is believed to have pierced for Şirin. After listening to the story of our guide and taking our photos, we get on our bus and visit the Amasya Archeology Museum, also known as the mummy museum. The works of 13 different civilizations, including the Ottoman Periods, are exhibited in the museum. After our tour of the museum accompanied by our guide, we visit the complex, which was built by the order of Bayezid II, one of our sultans who was a prince in Amasya and became the sultan of the Ottoman Empire. After seeing the plane trees used as lightning rods in the complex, the historical fountain where the Istanbul silhouette is drawn for the Amasians who were curious about Payitaht Istanbul at that time but could not go, the balance columns at the door entrances and the inside of the mosque, we go down to the Yeşilırmak shore. Amasya is a city settled on both sides of Yeşilırmak. After listening to the story of the King Rock Tombs on the banks of Yeşilırmak from our guide, we see and photograph them panoramically. The texture of the city is enriched with the busts of the Sultan placed along the Yeşilırmak coast. After the walk in Şehzadeler Park, we say goodbye to Amasya and move towards Ordu.

When we arrive in Ordu, the cable car line will meet us in Boztepe. Our guests can use the cable car line to go to Boztepe with the view of Ordu. Ordu Boztepe cable car line takes you to a height of 530 meters in 7 minutes from the city center. When you reach the top, you encounter a wonderful view of the Black Sea and Ordu at the same time. Of course, one of the best things to do in this environment, where green is abundant and meets blue, is to enjoy the view and take photos. After the photo break, we meet at our bus and move towards Trabzon.

After seeing Giresun Castle panoramically on our itinerary, our first trip point in Trabzon will be Trabzon Hagia Sophia, one of the most important belief centers of the Black Sea. It was built between 1250 and 1260 by King Manuel I, who founded the Trabzon Empire in 1024. After the conquest of Trabzon by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461, we visit the Trabzon Hagia Sophia, which was converted into a mosque by adding a pulpit and a muezzin mahfili to the church by Kurd Ali Bey in 1584 by the order of the sultan. After a short photo break we will take here, we visit the Saray Silver Filigree Workshop, which combines the art of filigree, which has been going on since the Ottoman period, with silver, which is the most noble metal, with different designs and handicrafts. Here, after getting information about silver making, we take a short shopping break. Then we move to our hotel in Zigana. Dinner and accomodation in our hotel.

Hamsiköy – Altındere National Park – Sümela Monastery – Sürmene Knife Workshop – Rize – Fırtına Valley – Zilkale – Çat Valley – Palovit Waterfall – Huser Plateau
On the 3rd day of the Black Sea Tour with Dinar, after breakfast at the hotel in the morning, we take our bus and take a break to taste the famous Hamsiköy rice pudding after a short journey. After our break, we move to the Sümela Monastery, which is located in the Altındere Valley created by Coşan Stream, passing through "Mauçka", which means seeing plenty of rain in the Old Greek language, or by passing through Maçka as it is now known. Sumela Monastery, a Greek Orthodox Monastery and Complex, located at an altitude of about 300 meters from the valley, is also one of the oldest churches in the history of Christianity. It is known that Sümela Monastery, popularly known as the Virgin Mary, took its name from the word "molasses" meaning black. Arriving at the Sumela Monastery, which has a very important place for Christianity throughout history, we tour with the explanations of our guide. After completing our tours here, we return to our bus and move to the knife workshop to get to know and shop the handmade Sürmene knives that have an important place in the local culture and have managed to make their name known to the world. Here, after we get information about handcrafted knives from the past and do our shopping, we move to Rize Fırtına Valley. We give free time to reach Fırtına Valley, which has a magnificent ecosystem where you can find a thousand and one shades of green, and is home to 2500 kinds of endemic plants. During your free time, you can join any of the multiple tour options.

1st Tour option: Zilkale, Çat Valley and Palovit Waterfall Tour (Extra): We start a magnificent tour where we will have a lot of fun and see with the minibuses of Kaçakarlı Turizm from Çamlıhemşin. We enter the Çat Valley, which is one of the important valleys that make up the Fırtına Valley. Passing through Orta Village, we arrive at Şenyuva Village, formerly known as Çinçiva, where the Sevdaluk TV series and many other productions were filmed. Here we take a short photo break on the Şenyuva Bridge. Afterwards, we move towards Zilkale, which rises in the wild nature of Çat Valley, among the Fırtına Mansions, which are the oldest mansions in our country and located in the region. The view of the castle resembling an eagle's nest will amaze you. When we arrive at the castle, which is 750 meters above sea level and 100 meters above the Çat Stream, we give free time after the information we will receive from our guide. During this free time, you can wander around the castle and take wonderful photos accompanied by the magical view of the green. After the free time we give in Zilkale, we get on our minibuses and reach Palovit Waterfall with its magnificent view and the coolness that turns summer into winter. After the photo break we will give here, we take our minibuses and return to Fırtına Valley.

2nd Tour Option: Huser Plateau Tour (Extra): We start a magnificent tour where we will have fun and see with our minibuses from Çamlıhemşin. Huser Plateau, which has been very popular lately, is located on the upper side of Ayder Plateau. When we arrive at Huser Plateau, you can see 3-4 of the most important plateaus of the Black Sea, such as Kavrun Plateau, from a bird's eye view. In Huser Plateau, you can find yourself above the clouds by encountering a sea of ​​fog according to the weather conditions. After the photo break we will give against the magnificent view, we take our minibuses and return to Çamlıhemşin.

3.Round option: Rafting on Fırtına Creek (Extra): Rafting, which is a pleasure-filled activity for our adrenaline-loving guests, becomes more enjoyable with Fırtına Creek. You can have fun moments in the event, which lasts about 1.5 hours, and you can immortalize this fun with the photos taken.

Round 4 option: Zipline (Extra) at Fırdırda Creek: You can do a fun activity by crossing from one side of the Fırtına Creek to the other with the 350-meter-long steel ropes tied at a height of about 10 meters on the Fırtına Creek.

After our free time is over, we move to our hotel. Dinner and accomodation in our hotel.

Ayder Plateau - Gelintülü Waterfall - Batumi - Gonia (Apsaros) Castle - Coruh River - Inverted House - Orta Mosque - Piazza Square - Astronomical Clock Tower - Europe Square - Medea Statue - Cathedral - Theater Building - Poseidon Statue - Splash Tower - Harbor - Ali and Nino Statue – Karagöl – Mençuna Waterfall
On the 4th day of the Black Sea Tour with Dinar, after breakfast at the hotel in the morning, we take our bus and move to Ayder Plateau, one of the most beautiful spots of the Kaçkar Mountains. We get off our bus at Ayder Plateau and photograph the Gelintülü Waterfall, which takes its name from the fact that it floats from hundreds of meters like a white veil. Then we give free time in Ayder Plateau. During your free time, you can take unforgettable photos accompanied by the magnificent view and drink your morning coffee. At the end of our free time, we leave Ayder Plateau and move to Sarp Border Gate to pass to Batumi. (If the transition to Batumi cannot be realized due to the pandemic, the Mençuna Waterfall Tour will be included in the price.)

After completing our entrance procedures at the Sarp Border Gate, we go to Georgia and start our tour. Hz. One of the 12 Apostles of Jesus, St. We see the Gonio (Apsaros) Castle from the Roman period, where the tomb of Mathias is located, and was last used during the Ottoman period, as a panoramic view. As we continue towards the city center of Batumi, we will see the Coruh River, which originates from Bayburt and reaches the borders of Batumi, and the old Gonio Bridge on it. Afterwards, we take a short photo break in Ters Ev, which is famous for its structure. Then we reach the city center and see the Orta Mosque, which was built in 1886. Notable for its architecture, St. We reach Piazza Square, which is reminiscent of European city squares, by seeing the Nicholas Church. Piazza Square, which is one of the places to visit in Batumi, looks like a small Italian city with its interesting architectural structures. After the photo break we will give here, we are walking towards Europe Square. During our walk, we see the Astronomical Clock Tower, similar to which can be found in Prague and Venice, and enter Europe Square. After seeing the Medea Statue, which reflects the mythological face of the Caucasus, rising in Europe Square, we get information from our guide, and then we see the Historical Virgin Mary Cathedral Church and Theater Building. Then we see the Statue of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, one of the Greek Gods, and the clock tower, which is a replica of the Izmir Clock Tower, known as the Splash Tower. Then we reach Batumi Harbor and see the statue of Ali and Nino, whose love has been the subject of movies, and listen to the story of our guide. We give free time after the tour on Batumi Boulevard. After our free time, we say goodbye to Batumi and set off for Sarp Border Gate. After we complete our check-out process, we get on our bus and join one of our tour options.

Depending on the number of participants, only one of the Borcka Karagol Tour and Mençuna Waterfall Tour options will take place. However, if there is enough time left, it can be done separately by our guide.

1st Tour Option: Borcka Karagol Tour (Extra): We reach Karagol by passing through the trees that give the feeling of a tunnel during our journey that will take about 1 hour over the Cankurtaran Pass with our minibuses in Borcka. Karagöl, which was formed by the landslide of a hill near today's Klaskur Plateau in the 1800s, when the Klaskur Stream was blocked, will impress you with its magnificent nature and abundant oxygen. In Karagöl, which preserves its natural state with its rich vegetation and diversity of flora, you will experience moments where you will want time to stop. After an average of 1 hour of free time, we take our minibuses again and return to Borçka.

2nd Tour Option: Mençuna Waterfall Tour (Extra): We are on our way to Mençuna Waterfall by passing the Double Arch Bridges, which are estimated to have been built in the 18th century, with our minibuses that we will get on in Arhavi. Located in Kamilet Valley, Mençuna Waterfall is the biggest waterfall of the Black Sea Region. When we reach Kamilet Valley, which is 15 km away from Arhavi centre, we start a pleasant climb by getting off our minibuses. During our walk, which will take an average of 30 minutes, we pass through the tea and hazelnut gardens and arrive at the Mençuna Waterfall. Mençuna Waterfall, named after the word Mençuna, which is used as "a place that is hard to reach" among the people in Laz language, will make you fascinated and enchanted. The waterfall, which has a very frightening appearance with the melting of snow and the falling of summer rains, consists of two parts. There is a large lake under the waterfall and you can drink its water. The water of the waterfall, which is also home to red-spotted trout, reaches Kamilet Creek after 200 meters. Flowing from a height of about 900 meters, the waterfall has an altitude of approximately 650-700 meters. Behind the fact that we took wonderful photos in this magnificent nature.

Rize Cloth Workshop – Of – Çaykara – Uzungöl – Lustra and Karester Plateau – Tea Factory – Atatürk Mansion – Samsun
On the 5th day of the Black Sea Tour with Dinar, after breakfast at the hotel, we move to the Rize Cloth Workshop to shop for Rize Cloth, one of the famous cloths of the region. The most important feature of Rize Cloth is to absorb sweat from the body and keep the body cool and moisture-free. After the shopping break we will give at Kurular Tekstil for Rize Cloth shopping, we are moving towards Uzungöl. We are making a short tour with our guide, following the route of Of-Çaykara-Taşkıran, along the Solaklı Creek and Valley, and arriving at Uzungöl, which is a set lake formed by the sliding rocks blocking the valley front as a result of landslides. After the information we will get from our guide, we give free time in Uzungöl. During free time, our guests can join the Lustra - Karester Plateau tour, where they can see Uzungöl from a bird's eye view. (Extra)

(According to the weather and regional density, the Lustra – Karester Highland Tour will be held first, and if the weather is hindered, the Haldızeren Stream – Demirkapı Highland tour will be made. 1 of the 2 tours will be held as a group.)

Lustra-Karester Plateau Tour (Extra): We reach our first stop, Lustra Plateau, at an altitude of 1900 altitude, by taking our minibuses waiting for us to Uzungöl. After the photo break we will give here, we get on our minibuses to an altitude of 2300 and reach Karester Plateau with a short walk. During the free time we will give in Karester Plateau, where we will see Uzungöl from a bird's eye view, you can take magnificent photos, drink tea, ayran and milk, and eat Trabzon's famous rice pudding. After our free time is over, we take our minibuses and return to Uzungöl.

After our pleasant plateau tour, we leave Uzungöl and visit the Tea Factory, where we can taste the most delicious teas of the Black Sea, one of the first products that come to mind when the Black Sea is mentioned. Here, we get information about the stages of tea and after visiting the factory, we give free time to drink delicious teas and shop. Then we get on our bus and move to Atatürk Mansion. (Atatürk Mansion has been taken into maintenance due to renovations. It will be visited if it is open to visit.) The architecture and garden of Atatürk Mansion, which the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited twice in 1924 and 1930, stayed in 1937 and wrote part of his will here, will fascinate you. . We are visiting the Atatürk Mansion by getting information from our guide.

Then we move to the Local Products Store in order to shop for local products such as butter, cheese and honey produced in the region. After the free time for shopping in the store, we say goodbye to Trabzon and move to Samsun. Before arriving in Samsun, we take a short break in Giresun to purchase the region's delicious hazelnuts and hazelnut products. After our break, we get on the bus and move to our hotel. Dinner and accomodation in our hotel.

Honor Monument – ​​Gazi Museum – Bandırma Ferry – Sinop – Historical Sinop Prison – Hamsilos Bay – Istanbul
On the last day of the Black Sea Tour with Dinar, after breakfast at the hotel in the morning, we start our trip to Samsun, which is located in the region where the foundations of the Republic were laid and where Kızılırmak and Yeşilırmak flow into the sea. We are visiting the Bandırma Ferry, where Atatürk came to Samsun with 18 of his friends on 19 May 1919 to start the National Struggle, which is our first stop in Samsun. Here, after getting information from our guide and taking a short photo break, we move to our next stop, the Monument of Honor. After seeing this monument, which was built by the Australian Sculptor H. Kriphel in 1931, and having a souvenir photograph taken, we visit the Mantika Palace, now known as the Gazi Museum, which is the hotel where Atatürk stayed when he came to Samsun. After our Gazi Museum tour, we say goodbye to Samsun and move to Sinop, the most northern point of our country, a historical port city surrounded by seas on three sides.

We start our Sinop tour with the Historical Sinop Prison, which was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO and is now used as a museum. (There are maintenance and restoration works in Sinop Prison. If the maintenance works continue on the date of the tour, it will be seen as panoramic.) Sinop Closed Prison, which was once defined as the "Alcatraz of Anatolia", was closed in 1999 and turned into a museum. Many famous names counted the days in this building, which dates back to ancient times. Located in Sinop Castle, the prison has been the subject of many poems and songs. After visiting the Prison, which is surrounded by sea on three sides, with our guide, and getting information, we go down to the Sinop coast and join the Sinop boat tour with our guests. (Extra) After our boat tour, we move to Hamsilos Nature Park, which is 14 km away from the city center. The nature park, which contains two natural harbors of unique beauty, such as Hamsilos Bay and Akliman Bay, where the sea enters the land like a river, is a natural wonder with its forested areas and rich biodiversity. During the free time we will provide, you can enjoy the natural beauty and take souvenir photos. After our free time ends, we come to the end of our Black Sea Tour with Dinar and start our return journey. Towards the morning hours, we leave you, our esteemed guests, at the points we picked up in the morning, and say goodbye to meet in another Dinar organization.

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